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About Mediation

Mediation is a facilitated negotiation between parties who are in a dispute. A skilled neutral third party (Mediator) assists the disputants in coming to an agreement that is satisfying to both parties.

Your Process

Rather than putting a dispute in the hands of a judge who has limited knowledge of the people and the situation, and only a short time to consider the facts, our process allows disputants to explore all of the possibilities. They can fully listen to each other’s views, and tailor their our own solution according to their needs, if they choose to do so.
Those who agree to participate in mediation, reach a satisfactory resolution more than 90% of the time. Parties comply with agreements reached in mediation or conciliation in more than 90% of cases because it’s their agreement.

Our Process is Confidential

People who participate can feel comfortable discussing their dispute openly. Nothing anyone says, does, or writes down during mediation itself can be used later as evidence in any court proceeding. The process does not result in court or police records.

Mediation is Less Stressful

For most people, going to court is stress inducing because the process is combative. Mediation, by contrast, is informal, emphasizing conversation and understanding. Any solution is the result of both parties arriving at a mutual agreement.

Fast and Convenient

Compared to the months or even years that it often takes for a dispute to be settled in court, conciliation can begin immediately and a mediation can usually be set up within a week or two. Telephone conferences and mediation sessions are arranged for a time and date convenient to the parties, not an arbitrary court schedule.

Court is Still an Option

If participants can’t resolve their conflicts through mediation, the dispute can still be brought before a court. However, when people meet in a mediation session, 9 out of10 of the cases result in an agreement. So, mediation is a risk-free process – participants have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by considering mediation first.

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